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Every year members of IchiFuji-kai perform in many of the cherry blossom and other festivals taking place in the tri-state area.

Members of IchiFuji-kai also perform for corporate events and festivals, for special events at museums and galleries, and also in dance concerts.


IchiFuji-kai can do an introductory workshop or a series of workshops in classical Japanese dance.

​For these workshops, attendees are provided with kimono and obi by IchiFuji-kai. Depending on the time allotted, they listen to a lecture describing classical Japanese dance, watch a short performance in both male and female styles, then they learn how to use a fan, how to walk, and basic etiquette for a lesson.


If the workshop is a short one, then the students learn a short section of both a male style and a female style dance. If the workshop is longer, then students can learn a whole short dance in one or both styles.

Lecture / Demonstrations

In a lecture / demonstration, those attending sit in the audience while a slide or other type of lecture takes place on stage or in a room. 


A model may be dressed, or dancers may apply makeup and dress in costume. The lecture / demonstration typically presents one or more dance performances, and is capped off with a question and answer session. 

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